“WARNING: Don't Even Think About Buying a Franchise Before Using This System... You Could Lose EVERYTHING Including Your Home!"

Discover How to Buy a Highly Profitable Franchise - And Know Which Franchises Are Going Out of Business

The phone call that changed my life


I'll never forget her heart-breaking words, "They're taking my home..."

Have you ever talked to someone weeping on the phone? You know, with those long pauses interrupted only by sobbing?  And you experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of being unable to help? THAT’S where I was...

Jennifer had been forced to declare bankruptcy after her franchisor sent her demand letters for $363,000. One-by-one, she watched as her belongings were sold off to pay the court-ordered judgment.

As I hung up the phone, I felt sick.  I thought to myself, "And this happens to honest, hard-working people every day"

That moment changed my life. I no longer cared about growing a multi-million dollar franchise empire. Right then and there, I made it my mission to help others avoid losing their life’s savings when buying a franchise business.


Hello, and Welcome, I’m Jason Rager.

You may know me from news columns in the Boston Globe and eleven other national newspapers, radio show appearances on franradio.com, or my speeches at such venues as the Boston Franchise & Financing Expo.

I’ve been franchising for over seven years and have owned and operated six franchise systems within three different industries.

I now help others by giving away the system that I’ve used to gross over nine million dollars... as well as help over 1,100 people become owners of highly-profitable franchise businesses.


"Thanks to You My Maaco Franchise Made Over $470,000 Last Year!"


"I had NO IDEA what I was doing... I just knew I wanted to own a franchise and make MY millions!

Before using your system I had worked my whole life to make other people rich.

I haven't made a million dollars yet but thanks to you my Maaco franchise made over $470,000 last year.

I can't begin to thank you enough Jason. Your system is a life-changer for me and my family.

It all started by following your system step by step the whole way. You showed me exactly how it's done and how I will continue to be a business owner for the rest of my life."

Chris Lee
MAACO Franchise Business Owner in Atlanta, Georgia USA



The Rager Franchise System for proven profitability


I’ve developed a proven, comprehensive system to help you …

  • Fulfill your dream of business ownership
  • Choose from only the most profitable franchise businesses available
  • Become a respected business owner in your family and community
  • Avoid losing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars

Most franchise agreements are written to favor the franchisor, not the franchise business owner. My proven system helps you make the right decisions when evaluating a franchise opportunity. It breaks the vetting process down to 13 simple steps.

As a future franchise business owner, it’s CRUCIAL that you know ...

  • The most costly mistake you can make when signing a franchise agreement (page 10)
  • The failure rate of the franchise you’re thinking about buying (page 32)
  • If your franchisor has the right to put another franchise near you … drastically reducing your business profits (page 16)
  • The two phrases many franchisors include in the franchise agreement to make their obligations to you null and void (page 15)
  • If your franchisor can buy back your business … whenever and for whatever it wants!
  • Which franchises are known by industry insiders as "cash cows" ... notorious for immediately giving franchise business owners six-figure incomes within their first year of operation
  • The greatest predictor of your franchise’s future profit potential (page 56)
  • 42 life-saving questions to ask during the franchisor interview (page 48)
  • How to get your business financed quickly … even in today’s economy
  • The “red flags” that should be taken into account when selecting a franchise (page 11)
  • Which “other” fees to be leery about (page 13)
  • How to predict the likelihood of your franchisor becoming bankrupt some day in the future (page 19)
  • How much money to set aside in a “cost overrun account” (page 13)
  • How long it usually takes before a franchise is actually profitable (page 13)
  • What you should be careful to do if you’re planning to operate multiple locations (page 17)
  • Why you need a financial model ... and how to build one (page 66)
  • 18 clauses of your franchise agreement that can be negotiated ... to save you thousands of dollars and put more money in your pocket (page 72)
  • The best type of research you can do before purchasing your franchise (page 19)

I’ve grossed over nine million dollars owning franchise businesses in my career ... but my success hasn’t been a straight line! I’ve learned from my mistakes and put them into The Rager Franchise System to make sure you don’t repeat them.

For example, I’ve lost over $440,000 closing locations due to misinterpretations.  I’ve overspent $20,000 grand in franchising fees.  And $60,000 fighting franchisors in court over issues which easily could have been avoided.

And then there’s the million dollar locations I’ve put at risk by signing forms I shouldn’t have!

Thankfully, you can avoid all that … and more.


"I Was Literally Days from Committing Financial Suicide..."

"Jason -


I was literally days from committing financial suicide before I tried your system...

I was about to buy a Pro Golf franchise and I had no idea they were about to go under.

In fact, I was about to take out a second mortgage on my house to get this franchise business... little did I know that they were going to file for bankruptcy six weeks later!

Jason, I followed your 13 steps and learned how to spot disastrous franchise investments like these in a heartbeat.

Thank you so much. You saved me my entire life's savings... I'm also opening a Golf Etc franchise later this month and I can rest easy knowing I have made a solid investment."

Jack Fraiser
Golf Etc. Franchise Business Owner in New Haven, Connecticut USA


What The Rager Franchise System Will Do for You


  • Allow you to become a business owner, often in less than 60 days
  •  Let you know what rights you're really signing away in the fine print and pages of documentation 
  • Guide you through every step of the purchasing process
  • Show you exactly which franchises offer 100% financing
  • Tell you the SBA loan failure rate for ANY franchise
  • Show you how much money you will make with a franchise opportunity
  • Allow you to spend more time with your family, enjoying the fruits of your labor while others are making costly franchise mistakes
  • Explain how to determine the break-even point with any franchise
  • Help you make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars
  • Make sure your territory is safe, so once you become successful, you will stay successful
  • Minimize your liabilities for rent, future royalties, non-compete clauses, late payment penalties, and more
  • Show you how to prevent your franchisor from putting another franchise near you


I have seen many people just like Jennifer lose their home because they made common BUT AVOIDABLE MISTAKES when they purchased their franchise business. Don't find yourself in financial misery in two years because you skipped over this opportunity to ensure your success as a franchise business owner. Click the order link below and you will instantly receive My Proven System.



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FREE BONUS #1: Over 150 Franchise Earnings Claims Reports

Find out EXACTLY how much money you will make with a franchise business before you invest with them. After ordering my system, you will receive instant access to this highly sought-after information.

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Banks know the failure rate of EVERY franchise, so should YOU. Don't pay $300 for this highly sought after list, it's included in my system for FREE.


FREE BONUS #3: Franchise Buyer's Guide Workbook

My System includes a workbook that will literally hold your hand and ask the franchisor the right questions. Be a step above everyone else to get better terms on your franchise agreement.


FREE BONUS #4: Franchise Resource Directory

My Resource Directory is the most comprehensive directory of free resources to help you choose a successful franchise opportunity.


Try My Proven System for up to 60 days. If you aren't successful, I'll tell you that you are probably in the wrong profession, I'll also question your ability to follow these simple steps, but I'll also give you a 100% refund. You can keep the book and you'll even get to keep the SBA Loan Failure Rate Guide, valued at $300.00.


So let's Recap.. Here’s what you will instantly receive after purchasing The Rager Franchise System...


My Complete 13-Step System


74 pages of solid, no-fluff information


10 Different Worksheets

  • Choosing a Franchise - Quickly eliminate the worst franchises to maximize your odds for success.
  • SWOT Analysis - Make sure your franchise is in a GROWING industry -- being on a rising tide is more important than you think.
  • UFOC/FDD Analysis - Immediately pinpoint pitfalls in your franchise agreement and have them removed to avoid losing your life's savings or even YOUR HOME!
  • SBA Loan Failure Rate Data - Banks know how many units in a certain franchise brand fail, so should you.
  • Franchisor Interview - Ask the franchise business questions that will make your application stand out to ensure that you are accepted into the system.
  • Franchise Business Owner Interview (3) - Instantly find direct contact information for other franchise business owners to learn how much money you will really make.
  • Financial Model - Know exactly how much money you will make and when your investment will double in value!
  • Analysis and Scoring - Compare one franchise directly against another to maximize your return on investment.

150+ Franchise Earnings Claims Reports

If you order My Proven System right now, you will also receive instant access to over 150 earnings claims reports that break down the revenue and net income of every franchise. You can instantly know how much money you will make with a specific franchise business

Franchise Bank Loan Failure Rate Chart

Banks know the failure rate of EVERY franchise, and now you will too. This highly sought after list sells for $300 elsewhere… but it's included in the Rager Franchise System FREE

Franchise Buyer's Guide Workbook

A workbook that will literally hold your hand so you ask the franchisor the right questions. This will help you get the best terms on your franchise agreement.

Franchise Resource Directory

A comprehensive directory of FREE resources to help you choose a successful franchise opportunity.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget if you are unhappy with My System for any reason, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money. You can even keep My System and the SBA Loan Failure Rate guide, valued at $300.


With my system for choosing a highly profitable franchise, you get a system jam-packed with information you must know to become a successful franchise business owner. Don't make the same mistakes I did or of my colleague! It will cost you in the long-run.




"Making Money This Easily Should Be Illegal"

"Dear Jason,

"I was skeptical that you could really help me find a franchise after I had had such little success before.

But I figured that I had nothing to lose with your Money Back Guarantee... All I can say is that I DO NOT WANT MY MONEY BACK!

In fact, I should be sending YOU money for the help you have given me.

Not only did your system show me how to buy a successful franchise business, but you explain how to make a career of owning franchise businesses.

Next month my husband and I will be purchasing our second Maui Wowi franchise business - in less than 18 months! It feels like making money this easily should be illegal.


Nicole DeVoe
Maui Wowi Franchise Business Owner in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware USA


IT'S DECISION TIME: $83.37 is a ridiculously low price for this life-changing information. I feel like I'm practically giving you the keys to the kingdom here. I've already done all of the hard work, and now all you have to do is follow simple instructions.

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